About Thrive! Family Support

A little bit about who we are...

We Are In This Together!

When you have someone you love struggling with substance abuse it is common to feel alone and unsure of where to turn for help and support.  Thrive! Family Support exists to help support those who have family members or other key relationships that are struggling with substance abuse.  Thrive Family Support seeks to bring hope and restoration to those families.

It has been said by many that there must be a better way through these difficulties than merely learning to survive.  And, there is!  We want to help people not just survive but, thrive!  Our groups and other resources are there to help provide healing connections that bring compassion, understanding and the love that reflects Jesus Christ.  No one should go through this alone!

Thrive is Not Alone Either!

Thrive Family Support isn’t doing this alone either.  We are a program of Breakthrough Ministries, Inc.  Breakthrough provides administrative, facility, staffing and spiritual support to Thrive.  This is a partnership that allows a sharing of the burdens, accountability and a support system that is vital for a ministry such as Thrive!

Breakthrough Ministries

Breakthrough Ministries has been serving the Twin Cities community for over 10 years by reaching out to the homeless and those who are struggling.  We do this by spreading the love of Christ by serving a meal every Sunday evening and opening a needs closet at Wesley Center to those in need.  We also serve food and reach out to the homeless community on Tuesday evenings at the Harbor Light Shelter.

Pam Lanhart, Director
Thrive! Family Support

Pam Lanhart joined the Breakthrough Ministries team in October of 2016.  Having been touched by the difficulties of substance abuse in her own family, she has developed a passion for helping parents, spouses and siblings navigate the difficult labyrinth of dealing with a family member who is struggling with substance use or mental health disorders.  Pam brings her personal experiences to the Thrive! Program as an adult child of an alcoholic, a sibling of a family member in recovery and the parent of children who have struggled with both substance use and mental health disorders.  She is gifted in crisis management, connecting families to appropriate resources and provides a compassionate, understanding approach to those going through some of the most extreme difficulties in their lives.  She is a certified peer specialist, a recovery coach, a speaker and an author.  She also inspires thousands of people with her daily prayers for loved ones that struggle on her Facebook page, Praying Our Loved Ones Home.  Pam has been married to her husband Paul, Program Director of Wild Hearts Adventures, for almost 35 years.  She is the mother of 4 amazing children and the grandmother of 6.

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Paul Lanhart, Director
Wild Hearts Adventures

Paul joined the Breakthrough team because of his longing to reach out to those who have struggled with substance abuse and other destructive life choices  to help them rebuild relationships with their families and with God.  His desire to do this through wilderness experiences comes from a life-long love of the outdoors nurtured by his parents’ many family camping and canoeing trips.  He now shares this passion with his wife of 36 years, Pam and his four children, Diana, Andy, Jake and Nikki.  He also is blessed with six grandchildren that he can share the beauty of God’s creation with!  The Wild Hearts program works in sync with Breakthrough’s Thrive Family Support program, working together to help bring love, hope and restoration to difficult family situations.  Paul is an experienced outdoorsman and has led numerous trips to the Rocky Mountains, the BWCA, the Appalachian Trail and many of our state parks and forests.  Along with wilderness adventures, he loves kayaking, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, CrossFit workouts and watching movies.

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